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Dreams' beta launches today

Only those who have already signed up for the newsletter can get it now, with the rest waiting until January for further access.

The folks at Media Molecule weren't exactly subtle when they said that they would have a "totally normal Dreams stream" yesterday evening, as they'd already reiterated that the long-awaited beta for their fascinating game was still slated to arrive before 2019, so everyone pretty much knew just how "normal" the stream would be. Not that we're complaining when our expectations were met... kinda.

The news is that the Dreams creator beta will start rolling out today for those of us who have signed up for the studio's newsletter. Everyone else can sign up from January 4, with codes starting to roll out on January 8.

The beta is slated to end on January 21 and doesn't require PlayStation Plus, just that you sign a non-disclosure agreement. Sadly, it won't support PlayStation VR, but our time with the game shows that you don't need it to create some incredible things.

PSVR support will be in the game when it launches sometime next year though, so right now all you need to concern yourself with is the 4GB download for the beta.

Are you getting it this month?