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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege's Year 4 Pass is now available

Year 3 of Rainbow Six: Siege content is technically still in session, as we had Operation Wind Bastion to round things off before we start thinking about Year 4's first batch of content around February, but now Ubisoft has revealed that you can buy the Year 4 Pass as of right now.

This is a one-year pass (ending on January 31, 2020) that grants access to eight now operators released throughout the fourth year, with seven-day early access too, but there are several other VIP membership bonuses too, including:

  • Eight Headgear and Uniforms

  • One R6 Lava Charm

  • 600 R6 Credits

  • 5% Renown Boost

  • 10% In-Game Shop Discount**

  • Alpha Pack Boost (+0.3%)

The Volcano signature weapon skin will also be offered to those who purchase this Pass before March 4 next year, and owners of the Year 3 Pass will get an extra 600 Rainbow Six credits when they purchase this new one.

What do you want to see in Year 4?

Rainbow Six: Siege