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The Last Campfire

No Man's Sky studio reveals The Last Campfire

Described as a "Hello Games short" and revealed during The Game Awards.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

There were a bunch of big-name game announcements and reveals made during The Game Awards earlier this morning in LA, but one of the more modest announcements was The Last Campfire, a title described as "A Hello Games Short" in a melancholy trailer that introduced a story about "a lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home."

The game, which is already listed on Steam, looks like a light puzzle-platformer with the serene atmosphere and strong art, and it's due next year. Check it out via the trailer attached below, along with a selection of screens.

The Last CampfireThe Last Campfire
The Last CampfireThe Last CampfireThe Last Campfire