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Scavengers sign-ups open, testing expected next year

Competitive co-op shooter should surface in 2019.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

According to Midwinter Entertainment's Josh Holmes (creative director on Halo 4 back in the day), who joined host Geoff Keighley at The Game Awards, Scavengers is a "survival-shooter co-opetition" set on an inhospitable alien planet that's scheduled to land sometime next year.

"It's a game where teams need to cooperate to survive but compete to win," Holmes told everyone watching the awards event that took place in LA earlier this morning. "So what we're doing is taking all of the aspects of a survival game and sort of condensing that into a replayable session-based multiplayer experience."

If that sounds like your jam, sign-ups for Scavengers are now open over on the official website, and players are going to be invited to play the game next year during a series of upcoming tests.