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Dragon Age 4

BioWare has officially unveiled Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 is coming and The Dread Wolf is back.


Dragon Age 4 is coming, we know this by now, and at The Game Awards we got a short teaser trailer officially confirming this. The teaser showed an artifact of sorts glowing like an ember, fading out into an image resembling the tarot-style cards from Dragon Age: Inquisition. And then, in the background, the elven sage and the Inquisitor's companion and possible romance option, Solas, could be heard speaking the line that ended the Dragon Age: Inquisition's last DLC; The Trespasser:

"So, you found me at last. I suspect you have questions".

The trailer then fades to black and the hashtag "The Dread Wolf Rises" can be seen. Are you looking forward to more Dragon Age and a continuation of the story from Inquisition?