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Red Dead Redemption 2

Watch us play some Red Dead Online multiplayer

We sharpen up the knives and steady our aim in Make it Count.

Red Dead Online launched earlier this week for the first wave of players as Rockstar started the process of rolling out the full version of Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer. Today the doors have opened for one and all.

We were lucky enough to be among those who got access to RDO earlier this week, and while we've also checked out the game in general, we made time to play the new battle royale-like multiplayer mode that has been added to the game: Make it Count.

You can check out two different clips below. In one it's bow and arrows only, and in the other, weapons are limited to just throwing knives, and so you'll get to see firsthand just how different this take on battle royale actually is.

Underneath we've also added the Livestream Replay that we filmed at launch, so you can see even more of Red Dead Online in action. Finally, stay tuned for more as we'll no doubt have something to say about our time with RDO at some point next week.