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Just Cause 4

It's trailer central as Just Cause 4 nears release

Take a trip through the ages with Rico Rodriguez.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Just Cause 4 is almost upon us and Rico's fourth outing is bringing the series' signature brand of chaos and destruction to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 4.

That being the case the folks over at Avalanche and Square Enix have cranked up the hype machine to 11 and that means we've got no less than SIX trailers for the game. Let's just hope that they're not trying to overcompensate for anything...

Jokes aside, the first five are actually part of a quirky mini-series, each one a snapshot of the game framed through action movies from the previous five decades. Much of the footage is the same, but the presentations vary quite a bit, and if you're a fan of both Just Cause and classic action movies, you may well want to check them out below.

Alternatively, scroll right down to the last trailer, a live-action short called: "One Man Did All This?" Given the carnage Rico's set to unleash when he lands in Solis next week, it feels like a fitting title.


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