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Sunset Overdrive director joins Microsoft's The Initiative

Drew Murray's position is unknown right now.

While Microsoft has recently purchased a whole host of development teams across the globe, from Obsidian Entertainment in Irvine to Ninja Theory in Cambridge, arguably the most exciting addition to the roster of studios is one that Microsoft has built from scratch, called The Initiative.

Situated in Santa Monica, the team has added AAA-talent from all over the globe, from Sony Santa Monica nearby to Rockstar designers, and now they've added another high-profile name to the team.

Sunset Overdrive's director Drew Murray has revealed through Twitter that in a few months he's starting at The Initiative at an as-of-yet-unspecified position.

Murray is most notably the director of Sunset Overdrive, but has served as designer on several Insomniac projects, including all three Resistance games. Does this sound like good news?