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Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 "four times the scope" of its predecessors

Director Francesco Antolini spoke about the process.


While initially revealed through the Walmart leak in May, Just Cause 4 was still one of the few surprising announcements of E3 2018, and even more surprising in this day and age is that the game received its release date of December 4 at the expo, and has now gone gold.

What's also clear is that Avalanche Studios is attempting to not only provide players with the most expansive world to date with the South American island of Solis, but also to provide much-needed depth past the explosions and the crazy action.

Recently Director Francesco Antolini spoke about the larger scope and added depth in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine (issue 171), and here he revealed that the game contains "four times the scope" of its predecessors:

"The fact that Just Cause 4 packs more than four times the scope and far deeper mechanics of its predecessors tells us a lot about how changes in processes and mindset can actually benefit both creativity and production."

Antolini also describes the process of creating the fourth chapter as less difficult than before, thanks to more a more efficient working relationship between Avalanche's various branches in Stockholm and New York.

Is Just Cause 4 a must-have for you?

Just Cause 4

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