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Donald Faison annoyed at Fortnite stealing his dance

He performed it on Scrubs.

Do you remember that episode of Scrubs where Turk (played by Donald Faison) does a neat little dance to secure his place in a band, backed by Bell Biv Devoe's song Poison? Well, so does Epic Games apparently, as the default dance in Fortnite is a lot like that.

This fact is nothing new, but as reported by VG247 Faison himself is none too pleased with the use of the dance. He was asked to do the dance at the 42:40 mark of this video of the Scrubs cast reunion at Vulture Festival, and here's what he said:

"No. If you want to see it, you can play Fortnite, because they jacked that s*** [...] I didn't get no money...I know, that's what you're all thinking right? Somebody got paid. No. No, I did not. Somebody stole that s*** and it's not mine no more."

Series creator Bill Lawrence actually chimed in on this though, saying that Epic had contacted him. "Real trivia. Fortnite had to enquire [about] the legality of it, and it's fine because it's just a character dancing," he explained. "I made the decision. I knew that Donald would be cool with me getting the money for that," he added jokingly.

This isn't the first time that Fortnite has been questioned over its emotes and the use of dances that have subsequently been popularised. Recently rapper 2 Milly remarked that he was considering legal action over the use of his Milly Rock dance, and Chance the Rapper has even criticised the game for using these dances without giving credit or money to the creators.

What should Epic do?