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"Build stability and quality" priorities for PUBG in 2019

Executive producer Taeseok Jang has updated the community.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Fix PUBG campaign is all about making sure the game is stable enough in a number of ways, from servers to cheating, and now executive producer Taeseok Jang has updated the community in an open letter about the program and how it's going.

"Since the start of the FIX PUBG campaign, the dev team at PUBG has prioritized tasks around improving core performance of the game while fixing longstanding bugs," the post reads. "To accomplish these tasks within our allotted time frame, all available dev resources were assigned to the campaign. However, due to several new stability issues that arose apart from FIX PUBG, we wanted to hold off on completing the campaign these last few weeks while we worked on resolving those issues. We understand that timely communication with you is important and will always look for ways we can improve. I apologize to the players on behalf of the Dev team for the postponement until now, but while we're a little late from the posted FIX PUBG schedule, we still feel it's important to share the results of this campaign."

First of all, November's build has shown a much better FPS value than that of July, and North America's average server FPS has also increased due to the team's efforts. With regards to matchmaking though, things are a little more complex, as while most big issues have been fixed, the team still wants to make more changes like providing better matchmaking and queue information for all maps and modes. A matchmaking UI overhaul is also being considered as a part of this, but for now the focus is just on the systems in play right now.

The fight against bugs and cheaters is also making big strides, but what's perhaps most important in this letter is what Jang says about the goals for next year:

"When designing the 2019 PUBG roadmap, we've changed our direction from this last year. Build stability and quality are now our most important value, and upon that base we will build new Battle Royale gameplay and new content. At first, this is likely to slow down our build cadence, but as these processes become more proficient, we hope to provide new content as fast as before, while maintaining our new stability and quality-first goal. While we cannot say how long this will take, we promise you that we will give our best efforts to reach this stage as quickly as possible."

Of course we can't forget that the game is also coming to PS4 next month, as well as being one of the newest titles on Xbox Game Pass, so console audiences are just as important now.

For more on the nitty-gritty details visit the link above, but for now do you like the direction the game is moving in?

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