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GTFO release slips to spring 2019

10 Chambers Collective needed a little more time.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

The hardcore co-op stealth shooter GTFO from indie outfit 10 Chambers Collective will not get its release this year as previously expected, instead, the new release window is "Spring, 2019". In a tweet the developer stated the reason for the delay as follows:

GTFO will get a new release window: Spring, 2019. We want to make sure it lives up to your - and our own - expectations, and for that we need a little bit more time. Until then, stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming up. Thank you for your continued support.


A few weeks ago we visited the 10 Chambers Collective office in Stockholm, Sweden, and at that time the game was still set for release late this year, however, a couple of details were still in the air before they felt they could nail down the release date, and clearly they've now decided a little more time was needed. You can check out our interview with Simon Viklund below:


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