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Patrick Söderlund starts Embark Studios

Former EA executive is joined by DICE veterans and backed by Nexon.

Embark Studios is the new Stockholm-based development studio set up by former DICE and EA executive Patrick Söderlund. It was announced during a Nexon earning's call where it was also revealed that the free-to-play giant has invested and owns a third of the company, while Söderlund owns a majority (54.44%). Other owners include DICE alumni Johan Andersson (most recently heading the SEED division at EA, but also one of the key people behind the Frostbite Engine), Stefan Strandberg (game director on Battlefield 4, creative director on Battlefield 1), Robert Runesson (director of content at EA DICE), and others. In other words, some of the most senior and experienced talent at the studio Söderlund once led.

There's no real project in the works at the studio yet and they still haven't moved into their office in Stockholm's Old Town, but Söderlund has big plans and mentions free-to-play and cross-platform. The hope is to show something as soon as in nine months and Söderlund says he wouldn't be surprised if the company employed 250 people in two years in an interview with Swedish financial paper Dagens Industri.