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Pagan Online

Pagan Online is Wargaming's take on Diablo

Action-RPG in development at Serbian outfit Mad Head Games.

Wargaming has just announced a completely new game - Pagan Online, which is an action RPG set in "pre-Christian" times, hence the title. The game throws the player into battle with mythical creatures and even the Gods themselves. Mad Head Games, a studio with limited experience from Serbia, is developing the game.

Pagan Online

According to the publisher, Pagan Online is a completely fresh approach to an action-RPG. It offers dynamic fights, strong heroes and plenty of gear. The title follows the path of classic dungeon crawlers, while also offering some MOBA mechanics.

The game will be released in 2019, there is also a beta test planned and sign-ups will begin shortly. There will be a long singleplayer campaign, which will be expanded by new episodes, and of course, there will co-op with numerous missions, locations and several levels of difficulty. All for the same of replayability and for players to always have something new to do as they jump into the game.

Pagan OnlinePagan Online
Pagan OnlinePagan Online