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Battlefield 3

Expensive FPS fight

Battlefield vs Call of Duty in November

This coming November will see an epic battle between two of the premiere first person shooter brands. The title holder, the most profitable franchise on the planet, Call of Duty, versus the challenger, EA's Battlefield 3.

EA boss John Riccitello spoke on the subject at Ad Age Conference in New York.

"This November we're launching Battlefield 3. It's going up against the next Call of Duty, which is presently the number one game in the industry - a game that last year did $400 million in revenue on day one," berättar Riccitiello under Ad Age Conference i New York.

"There will be a couple of hundred million dollars of marketing against these two products going head to head. Similar designs - we think we've got the better product - it's going to be a blast."

While Call of Duty is a clear market leader, Riccitello is upbeat about the prospects of Battlefield 3.

"This game is designed to take that game down. If you're looking for a battle of the titans - Red Sox vs Yankees... Microsoft or Google - and what the tip-off point is for this holiday season, this is it."

So who wins the $200 million marketing war in November? The smart money is on Activision Blizzard, but don't be surprised if it's closer than ever.

Battlefield 3