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Battlefield V

Dice's Daniel Berlin on "emotional variety" of BFV's War Stories

We talked with the franchise design director in London.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

In London we recently got to test out four of the five War Stories coming to Battlefield V, and during the event we also got to talk with franchise design director Daniel Berlin about how they're approaching this anthology campaign this time around.

"One of the main things coming out of the new format that we introduced with War Stories in Battlefield 1 was that we really wanted to make sure that the quality was consistent in Battlefield V across the War Stories," Berlin explained. "So that's been a real focus for us both in terms of the length of the War Stories and the quality overall."

"I think another thing that we wanted to really make sure that we did was to really lean into the human stories, which is something we did in Battlefield 1 as well, but we're kind of evolving it this time around. It's not necessarily focusing on the conflict - the War Stories [...] are not about super soldiers moving in and liberating a continent. It's not about that, it's about the personal stories and the people that are caught up in this global conflict, so that's been really the focus; to tell those emotional stories and [...] have an emotional width in the War Stories that you play."

"You'll be seeing some War Stories that are truly heartbreaking I'd say, and they're serious, and then you'll also experience War Stories that are almost funny, actually really funny at times. So it's about having a wide gameplay variety, but also having a wide emotional variety within the single-player."

For more on the War Stories and our time with them, be sure to check out our preview, as well as the full interview with Berlin down below. Is War Stories something you're looking forward to?

Battlefield V