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Ubisoft: "We cannot be openly political in our games"

Alf Condelius spoke at the Sweden Game Conference about the issue.

The question of whether video games should interact with politics and have a political stance is one that comes up time and time again, and now the COO of Ubisoft Massive, Alf Condelius, has spoken about the topic during the Sweden Game Conference, especially with regards to The Division.

"It's a balance because we cannot be openly political in our games," he said, as reported by "It's a universe and a world created for people to explore how to be a good person in a slowly decaying world."

"But people like to put politics into that, and we back away from those interpretations as much as we can because we don't want to take a stance in current politics."

"It's also bad for business, unfortunately, if you want the honest truth. But it is interesting and it is a discussion that we have, and it's an ongoing discussion we have with our users, of course, because people want to put an interpretation into the universe that we create and they want to see their own reality in the fantasies that we give them, and the stories that the games are."

In short, it's interesting that Ubisoft and Massive have such precise ideas on their positionless stance on political issues in their games, an important change of tendency compared to the views of Tom Clancy himself, who in his works has always drawn from reality, and consequently also from politics.

Do you think games should be openly political? Let us know down below.

The Division 2