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BlizzCon gear reveals Diablo: Reign of Terror

But what could this be?

BlizzCon is just around the corner (we'll be there on November 2 and 3 for the main event), but now Blizzard has just revealed all the official gear for the event on their website, featuring merchandise referring to something known as Diablo: Reign of Terror, including a poster, shirts, and more.

What could Reign of Terror be though? Well, it may be an expansion, or it may well be a fourth numbered Diablo game in the series, due to be announced at the event. It's likely we'll see something said at the Diablo: What's Next panel on November 2, so stay tuned for that if you're a fan of the series.

We also know that "multiple Diablo projects" are in the works, so the future looks bright for Diablo enthusiasts. What do you want to see from BlizzCon?

Diablo IV