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Check out Overwatch's Bastion in Lego form

Available to order now.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

You know you've made it as a franchise when Lego chooses to immortalise you in blocky form, and that's exactly what's happening with Overwatch, as Bastion becomes the first member of the cast to get Lego-fied in a new set, as part of a collaboration between Blizzard and The Lego Group.

If you head to the relevant Blizzard Gear website for your region you can find the set for £22.50/$25.00 USD/€25.00, although if you're going to BlizzCon you'll be able to buy them there too. Here we can see Bastion in the orange Omnic Crisis skin, and he features a swiveling upper body, moveable arms, and of course a weapon in the right arm. Ganymede isn't left out either, as his trusty bird is still with him.

The figure stands at 12cm tall in robot mode, and is the perfect thing for fans of the game to have in their collection. Are you a Bastion fan?


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