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Killzone 5

New hiring fuels speculation of Guerrilla working on Killzone 5

Two Rainbow Six: Siege developers have joined the team.

Following the huge success of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games expanded, and while it's currently unknown how many teams the studio consists of, it's heavily anticipated that they are at least working on a Horizon sequel. But what about Killzone; could that franchise also be making a comeback?

Recently, as reported by users on ResetEra, two new faces were hired - Simon Larouche and Christ Lee. Or more specifically, Lee joined in February and Larouche joined just this month.

Both of these worked as director and designer respectively on Rainbow Six: Siege. Why is this significant though? Well, they seem to be working on a brand new project, and their LinkedIn pages indicate that they're working as Director and Principal Game Designer on an unannounced project.

This has led to speculation that a first-person shooter is underway, and it would make sense for that to be Killzone in some form. Would you want that though?

Killzone 5