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Darksiders III

It was "time to do something different" with Darksiders III

Richard Vorodi explained how the team wanted to "class up the game."

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Darksiders III is bringing a new entry in the series for the first time in years, and so with fans waiting such a long time for another game, we spoke to lead level designer Richard Vorodi about what it's like for them returning to the series, and what they're doing differently this time around.

"I think it's a situation where we're gone for so many years, you can't count on the fan base to stick with you, you just can't, but we've been really fortunate because it seems like a lot of them have," he explained. "I think people that play Darksiders, it means something to them on a personal level. It's just very humbling to be part of a game that speaks to people in so many ways. For us though we're excited as hell to be back, we want to get Fury on the floor, we want to get her in the hands of as many players as possible."

"It's the third Darksiders, so it's time to do something different," Vorodi continued. "To create a sequel to a game, it's usually not hard to think of things you didn't do the first time, but when you're on the third one that becomes more of a challenge, so we took some time, we thought 'what does Darksiders look like in 2018?' and so we did things like redesign the layout of the world, the progression systems, we removed unnecessary cutscenes to keep the action fluid and flowing. We tried to class up the game, contextualise the puzzles a little bit more [...] these are the key pillars to what we thought would revitalise the franchise."

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Darksiders III

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