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Nintendo Switch Online explained in new video

The premium service slated to launch in Europe on September 19.


As you probably know if you own the Switch, from September 19th you will have to pay a subscription fee to enjoy online games on your console. To detail the different formulas on offer, as well as their advantages, Nintendo has published a new explanatory video that awaits you below.

The Nintendo Switch Online, as this service is called, will also deliver (in addition to the online
game) NES games with added features such as online play. Moreover, the Japanese company has published a list of titles, some present at launch and others expected in the coming months, on its official website (see below):

September 2018:
Balloon Fight, Baseball, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Dr. Mario, Excitebike, Ghosts'n Goblins, Gradius, Ice Climber, Ice Hockey, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Pro Wrestling, River City Ransom, Soccer, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Tecmo Bowl, Tennis, Yoshi.

October 2018:
Double Dragon (SP), Gradius (SP), Open Golf Tournament, Solomon's Key, Super Dodge Ball, Super Mario Bros. 3 (SP)

November 2018: Dr. Mario (SP), Metroid (SP), Mighty Bomb Jack, Super Mario Bros. (SP), TwinBee.

December 2018:
Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, The Legend of Zelda (SP), Wario's Woods.

Which of these classic NES games are you the most eager to play?


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