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"Anything you can think of" in sci-fi is in Stormdivers

We talked to Mikael Haveri about the battle royale game.

Housemarque's Stormdivers is, like so many others, looking to make a name for itself in the increasingly packed battle royale genre, and we recently spoke to Mikael Haveri from the studio to hear about the core concepts behind the game, and what's gone into making it.

"Stormdivers is what we want to do to multiplayer games in general," he told us. "Battle royale is a cool concept that's becoming more than just a... it's kind of a new PvP in general. Back in the day you had team deathmatch, and this is just a popular mod of the day, and right now the way we're doing it is that we're just making sure we get the gameplay down, focusing on the fact that we've never really done PvP before, so if we can do that well then that's the core package."

"So what you have is vertical, aerial battles, so a lot of jetpacks and teleporting - basically anything you can think of in a sci-fi environment - and we're making that feel really good and really fast. Rounds of 15 minutes is what we're aiming at too, so quite different from what we think battle royale actually is."

Are you impressed with what you've seen of the game so far?