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PUBG Mobile gets Sanhok map

The game has surpassed 20 million daily active users.

The Sanhok map won't be new to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fans on PC and Xbox, but now the map has landed for PUBG Mobile players as well, offering a tighter experience so Android and iOS players can get a more intense battle.

We've also just found out that PUBG Mobile has surpassed 20 million daily active users (not including Japan, China, and Korea) and in Season 2 more than 130 million players took to the battlefield from over 200 countries.

Sanhok isn't the only addition to the game though, as we're also getting new weapons and vehicles, anti-cheating measures, spectator mode, season data, and more. For an amusing trailer on the 20 million DAU achievement though, be sure to look down below.

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