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NES controllers coming for Switch online subscribers

Except without wires this time.


We already knew that classic NES games are coming with the launch of the Switch Online service on September 19, but Nintendo has also used last night's Direct presentation to reveal that we'll be getting Switch versions of the iconic NES controllers too.

Replicating the two original rectangular pads - this time devoid of their cables thanks to the fact we've moved on a bit technologically - these new official controllers will fit on the side of the console, just like the two Joy-Cons.

It's important to note that only members of the Nintendo Switch Online service will be able to purchase these controllers, which means you'll have to pay a subscription for at least one month to get a chance to invest.

Pre-orders are starting on September 19, and if you were wondering, they're only sold in pairs. Is this the best kind of nostalgia fix?


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