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Pokémon Go

You can soon nominate PokéStops for Pokémon Go

There's even a guideline of ideal locations.

The official Pokémon Go website has just revealed that certain players can now suggest a new PokéStop for the game as part of a beta program, with players submitting recommendations which are then reviewed by the player community.

The highly-rated nominations may well be accepted as a PokéStop or even a Gym, and eligible trainers can submit a limited amount of nominations each day. Niantic has even outlined what makes a good nomination, including places with "a cool story, a place in history or educational value." Pieces of art, architecture, hidden gems, public parks, libraries, places of worship, and major transit stations are also considered as good locations.

Ineligible locations, however, include places without safe pedestrian access, private residences, natural features like waterfalls, temporary objects, or adult-oriented services and stores.

For more on how to submit nominations check out the link above. Is this a good idea to help the game grow?

Pokémon Go