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Alan Wake

Alan Wake gets TV adaptation

Remedy team up with Contraction Films and Peter Calloway.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Variety (who tends to break this sort of story) has revealed that there is an Alan Wake TV series in the works. Peter Calloway (Cloak and Dagger, Under the Dome, Legion) has been signed as showrunner and Remedy's Sam Lake will take an active role as executive producer in making sure the series stays true to the video game. A video game that in many ways resembled a TV series in terms of its structure.

The game won't follow the narrative of the game and its standalone expansion, but will start off with the first game as a basis for the story. There is still no official word on a potential sequel, but clearly if a TV series gets made and takes off that's going to pave the way for a potential Alan Wake 2.

There's no word on potential actors or deals with networks or streaming services (this would seem a great fit for the likes of Netflix and Amazon), but the idea of turning Alan Wake into a TV series rather than a movie does appeal to us.

Are you excited to see a TV series based on Alan Wake?

Alan Wake