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Fortnite allegedly responsible for 5% of divorces in the UK

5% of the people who have filed for divorce so far this year have cited Fortnite as a leading cause.


A British divorce website,, has revealed that of the 4,665 divorce petitions they've received so far this year, 200 petitions mentioned Fortnite (or other online games) as a reason for wanting a divorce.

200 of 4,665 petitions amounts to roughly 5%, so Fortnite is, therefore, responsible for 5% of divorces in the UK since January 1st, 2018. Extrapolating from these numbers, PCGamesN has estimated that by the end of the year around 4,000 divorces in the UK will be caused by online games like Fortnite.

It sounds pretty bad. And in all likelihood it sounds a lot worse than it is because the data collection method is flawed, what with it being an online survey that people have to fill out themselves, instead of a random survey with a broader sample base. What we can say is that 5% of divorces in the UK, where one person has filled in a petition on that site, were allegedly due to gaming related issues.

So take it easy in Season 5 of Fortnite, yeah?