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Have you noticed this cool detail in Spider-Man?

There's a resting and an exerted voice track for Spidey.


There are lots of cool little details in Spider-Man, from nifty easter eggs (like proposals gone wrong) to cool suits and gadgets from a life-time of Spider-Man movies and games, to cameos from real life people (you know who we mean).

But there are also details that are a lot smaller, easier to miss, but equally impressive. Details that gives the game that extra layer of polish, and helps immerse us in the wonderful world of Spidey's New York.

One of these details is the way Peter talks on the radio when he's just walking around or standing still, and the way he talks when he's swinging his way through the city. Kirk Hamill of Kotaku noticed that there's a difference between the two (and he recorded it here), and that Peter actually sounds more strained when he is exerting himself.

Insomniac Games noticed Kirk's tweet, and confirmed his findings. There are, in fact, two vocal tracks in the game.

"So for those of you wondering if we recorded #spidermanps4 open-world Spidey dialogue twice—yes, we did. One 'resting' take, one 'exerted' take. Programmers exposed a variable to Wwise allowing the game to switch between dialogue assets, depending on the player state," lead writer Jon Paquette said on Twitter.

"It can happen mid-conversation on a per line basis, but not in the middle of lines :( We tried to set that up, but it would have been a lot of work to get it to sound natural," Alex Previty, an audio designer with Insomniac Games, added on Twitter. "I can't take any of the credit for this system at all! I'd look to @bryanintihar and @jon_paquette to start, as well as the talented dialogue folks at Insomniac and Sony to make the magic happen (as well as @YuriLowenthal's flawless performance)!

You can witness Yuri Lowenthal's flawless performance for yourself in the video below. Have you noticed this detail in the game?


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