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Fortnite will not pass go, will not collect $200 this October

That's right, Epic's shooter is getting the Monopoly treatment.

  • Text: Mike Holmes


Board game adaptations of popular video games (and vice versa) are nothing new, and the latest game to make the jump from desktop to tabletop is Fortnite. Epic's battle royale shooter isn't getting the bespoke game treatment though, instead, it's coming together with the biggest of the board game brands in the form of a new Fortnite edition of Monopoly.

Epic's Donald Mustard confirmed the news over on Twitter, in the process revealing the final art for the board and a few of the details that fans can expect when the game comes to market on October 1:

"Thrilled to show you the final art and game board for Fortnite Monopoly! It's so so fun and such a unique spin on the classic game mashed up with last player standing Fortnite," Mustard wrote.

Check out the game below and let us know if you think a Monopoly version of Fortnite is something you'd like sitting on your shelf.


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