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Battlefield V

Criterion confirmed as Battlefield V's battle royale studio

Another collaboration between the studios revealed, this time on Firestorm.

DICE and Criterion have a history of collaboration which we last saw with the studios working together on the vehicular combat in Star Wars Battlefront 2. It seems that two outfits are working together once again, with it revealed over the weekend that Criterion is working on Firestorm, the battle royale mode coming to Battlefield V.

The announcement was made alongside the confirmation of some pre-order incentives, and it outlined a few interesting details about the new mode.

For starters, there'll be a shrinking play area so players will be pushed together like we've seen in so many games before. Firestorm won't, however, feature solo players or even duos, rather there'll be four teams of 16 battling each other in a mode that has some similarities with the series' Conquest mode (namely, there'll be objectives to capture). Interestingly, players will have to find their own weapons in each match, another battle royale staple.

Given Criterion's involvement, it'll be no surprise to hear that there'll be an emphasis on vehicular combat, and we're also being promised "the biggest Battlefield map to date", which if you know the series means it's going to be pretty damn big.

After a recently confirmed delay, Battlefield V is heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 20.

Battlefield V