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Cave Story 3D

Nicalis talks Cave Story 3DS

During Nintendo-hosted Spanish event

Tyron Rodriguez, head of Nicalis has been talking about the development of Cave Story 3D, the Nintendo handheld-bound version of the indie classic, during a Spanish event hosted by the hardware giant this month.

Talking of the leap between systems, he suggested that the loss of "pixel art value" wasn't something to be afraid of, as he understood that some people thought it be be outdated.

Of utilising the system's hardware, Rodriguez went on to explain that it created its own headaches. "Now we have caves whose depth are magnified, and many more realistic elements, such as trees. When you're in 3D, you have to be more literal - so we know have things that weren't needed before."

Along with discussing the potential of a driving game that used the in-built gyroscope to let you control your vehicle by moving your 3DS, the producer also mentioned that a Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D version would be ideal for the handheld, because of how Retro Studios played with the foreground and background during gameplay.

Cave Story 3D