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Destiny 2

Bungie wants Destiny 2's next year to be "transformative"

We spoke to the studio at Gamescom about what's coming to Destiny 2 in the short and long term.

Destiny 2 has recently been updated ahead of the launch of Forsaken, the next major expansion in Bungie's sci-fi franchise. The update includes a number of big changes that should make PvP more potent, and this is something that community manager David "Deej" Dague mentioned during our chat in Cologne.

"We have a brand new combat meta that you're going to need to embrace and master," he told us at Gamescom, "and you're going to find that as weapons drop they're going to have random perk-sets, you're going to be able to apply brand new weapon mods that also enhance your tactical game. So there are many new systems coming online that will give you more freedom all up to configure a Guardian that is a reflection of the way you like to play."

We also discussed the major new mode coming to the game, Gambit. We previewed it last week if you'd like more detailed impressions, but Deej did explain to us how "any member of our community can jump into this new experience and they can find themselves a crucial role to play in combat on their team. Whether they love the Crucible, whether they love Raids, or anything in-between, Gambit has a place for you in this new fight."

Next up the conversation moved to the story that underpins Forsaken, a story that will see Cayde-6 pushing up digital daisies after a prison break goes horribly wrong.

"We're telling a bit of a darker story this time. We're working with some more severe tones, we're raising the stakes," he teased, later adding that "it's got some gritty western themes and I think you're going to find yourself stepping away from the Traveller and the City to explore your own agenda instead of doing the bidding of Zavala and whatever he thinks is most important."

Destiny 2

Finally, we wanted to ask about the future of Destiny 2. Before looking further into the distance, Deej told us a little about The Dreaming City, which is "home to the end-game activities that players will enjoy in Forsaken. This is the site of the next Raid that we're going to have people playing, but it's also surrounded by mysteries and challenges, different ways to engage your enemies with your friends and earn sweet rewards."

"Beyond that, the next year of Destiny is something that we're angling to be a very transformative experience for the players of the game. We have season updates for every single player of Destiny. We've got an annual pass that will have additional levels of engagement and investment for each season with new ways to meet new characters in this universe that have new rewards and new things for you to go out and do.

"There's going to be new pinnacle activities, obviously we'll add onto the raid with a raid lair, and there are going to be some new things that we have to bring players together, challenge them, reward them, and to keep them on the bleeding edge of that character progression and that evolution that makes your Guardian more powerful."

Destiny 2: Forsaken is landing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 4.