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Team Sonic Racing

New character Dodonpa joins Team Sonic Racing

He's got a key role in the story.

The most recent issue of magazine Famitsu has given us some brand new details on the story mode for Team Sonic Racing, and as reported by Nintendo Everything (who provided the translation) it also includes a look at new character Dodonpa too.

Producer Takashi Iizuka helps explain the game in Famitsu, and Team Adventure mode will take you through a story based on Sonic's characters and universe, having to clear various races like Ring Challenge or Survival Race to progress. As you might have expected, progression here unlocks more parts and characters, adding an extra incentive to play, and the world map is separated into chapters too, the difficulty of which you can adjust.

We also get details on new teams, as Team Rose features Chao, Big the Cat, and Amy, while Team Vector consists of Vector, Blaze, and Silver. As for Dodonpa, he's a character central to the story, as he's the sponsor of the Grand Prix, sending letters to Sonic and his friends to get them to join.

You can see how Dodonpa looks in the screenshot below, but what do you make of the new details like Team Adventure?

Team Sonic Racing