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Backworlds' puzzles want you to "think outside the box"

You have to be creative with the game's mechanics.

At Gamescom we've been very busy this week, and we kept our brain busy with puzzle game Backworlds, after which we spoke to developers Juha Kangas and Anders Ekermo about not only what the game is, but also how they're approaching the puzzles so as to challenge the player.

"Basically we have two worlds on top of each other, and then you draw on the screen to switch between them to solve puzzles," Kangas explained in a nutshell.

"I think that what we're trying to achieve is we're trying to achieve puzzles that are kind of complex without adding too much material into them, so you want the players to sort of think outside the box and think about the ways you use the few mechanics we actually teach you, and that's how we achieve our complexity, because we think that, by doing that, we sort of give the players this sense of revelation, so you get this 'aha!' moment."

Do you like this approach to puzzles?