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Hatch is a "no fuss" Cloud-based mobile gaming service

Joseph Knowles explained the concept to us.

Mobile gaming is getting more and more popular as time goes on, whether it's with casual audiences or competitive ones (Arena of Valour and Clash Royale come to mind), and at Gamescom we spoke with Joseph Knowles from Hatch Entertainment to hear about what they're doing in the mobile space.

"So Hatch is a Cloud gaming service for mobile, and what that means is that you can browse from a very highly-curated collection of very fine, premium games from more than 100 developers and publishers, from heavyweights like Sega and Bandai Namco and Square Enix to really highly-regarded indie houses [...] and you can browse through Hatch and whenever you see something you'd like to play you can play instantly with no downloads, no installation, no fuss," he said.

Would you use a service like this?