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Die For Valhalla!

Die For Valhalla! has chain of "dying, killing, and coming back"

We spoke to Krzysztof Żarczyński about the game this week.

As you may have guessed, Monster Couch's Die For Valhalla! is based around Norse mythology, and when we saw Krzysztof Żarczyński at Gamescom we asked him to explain exactly what it is you do here, and how this Norse theme fits in with the gameplay.

"In the game you're a Valkyrie, like a Norse mythology spirit, and you go to battle to possess Vikings but also other things, and help Vikings save their world," he said. "Whenever a Viking dies you go back to the spirit form and you can take another Viking and this continues the chain of dying, killing, and coming back and fighting again. It's a local co-op game, so you can invite your friends and play together, and there's some specific mechanics built around that, making the experience more fun."

Will you be taking part in the Viking fun?

Die For Valhalla!