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The Division 2

The Division 2 gets a new trailer and collector's editions

From figurines to soundtracks, there's a lot of choice for pre-orders.

A new cinematic trailer for The Division 2 has landed at Gamescom, but that's not all, as we also have details on the five editions available for the game, these being the Standard Edition, Gold Edition, Digital Ultimate Collection, and two collector's editions, and pre-ordering any of them will grant access to the private beta and two DLC items, The Lullaby shotgun and the Hazman 2.0 Outfit.

The Division 2 Dark Zone and Phoenix Shield editions include all downloadable content from the Digital Ultimate Collection plus different physical bonuses: a metal case, a book of Lithographs, the game soundtrack, and a Washington DC Map. Also, the former contains a 30cm-tall Ubicollectibles figurine of Heather Ward, a Specialised Agent from the game, while the latter includes an Ubicollectibles high-end sixth-scale Articulated Figurine of Brian Johnson, an agent on active duty with equipment and gear.

Which edition will you get?

The Division 2