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Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2's powers "linked to the heart of the character"

Jean-Luc Cano teased us a little bit on what these supernatural elements are.

Life is Strange of course is getting a sequel very soon, and at Gamescom we caught up with creative director Raoul Barbet and writer Jean-Luc Cano to talk about Life is Strange 2, where we asked the pair about how it's been dealing with two very different characters when compared to the first game.

"You have the pillars of the Life is Strange universe, a little bit of supernatural, relatable characters, and when we began to work on Life is Strange 2, keeping that in mind we wanted to challenge ourselves to go in a new direction, so then that's how we created Sean and Daniel and all the story of Life is Strange 2. To keep in mind what is the real DNA of the series, of what the series is, but try to give some new narrative experiences and gameplay experiments - that was always on our mind," Cano explained.

We also questioned Cano about the supernatural elements of the series and how we can expect to see that in this game.

"There is, there will be a supernatural element in Life is Strange 2 for sure, but as with Life is Strange the power, or supernatural element, is linked directly to the story and the heart of the character, so for us it's not cool stuff to do, but maybe a metaphor, a way to show something in Life is Strange," he responded.

When asked whether it'll be a mechanic, Cano responded: "You will see, but what I can tell you is in Life is Strange Max didn't want to grow up, so her power to rewind time and change her choices was directly linked what she is. In Life is Strange 2 we keep that in mind and change it a little bit. Life is Strange 2 is about education and brotherhood, so the power to deal with it on narrative... stuff. But you will discover it by yourself."

What do you hope to see in terms of the supernatural in this game?

Life is Strange 2