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Anno 1800

Ubisoft announces a release date for Anno 1800

As well as the special editions and pre-order bonuses.

At Gamescom Ubisoft has revealed the release date of Anno 1800, but what's more is that we've also got a new trailer alongside the good news that we can explore 19th-century industrialisation and diplomacy on PC as of February 26 next year.

It's not just Europe we're seeing in the game though, as it will also be possible to experience the ups and downs of the industrial revolution in South America with the introduction of new Expeditions that will lead you to the other side of the Atlantic. These Expeditions will allow players to send crews of specialists around the globe, while the new worker management promises to be deeper.

As for the special editions, Ubisoft is planning a digital Deluxe Edition featuring the game, soundtrack, an artbook, exclusive logos of companies, and access to the Digital Deluxe content including the first additional content for the game, dubbed The Anarchist. Alongside the steelbook, the physical edition called Pioneers provides a 120-page artbook, three lithographs, a letter, and the soundtrack, not to mention the additional content for download mentioned above. Finally, those who pre-order will also get an Imperial Pack to enjoy additional content too.

Which version are you planning on getting?

Anno 1800