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Prey's mimics in VR are "like 10 times scarier"

Ricardo Bare talked to us about the Typhon Hunter DLC.

While Prey has just received the popular Mooncrash DLC, we sat down with creative director Ricardo Bare at QuakeCon to talk about Typhon Hunter, which is a content drop coming in the future that's delivering not one but two new experiences to fans of Arkane's sci-fi game.

"Yeah, so you're talking about the multiplayer mode. So Typhon Hunter has two modes in it, one of them is a single-player VR experience, so if you're a VR enthusiast... and if you're a Prey fan this is pretty cool because you get to have a VR experience inside some of the locations from Prey inside the space station," he explained.

"So the other mode that's in Typhon Hunter that we're exciting about is asymmetrical multiplayer, head-to-head match, and I like to talk about it as like a lethal game of hide and seek, where one player gets to be Morgan, and the other five players get to be mimics. And if you're a mimic player, you can do anything that a mimic can do from the game, so you can run around, you can disguise yourself as objects, and you can ambush Morgan."

"So the way the game works is the mimics get to go into the map first, so just like a real game of hide and seek. They get like 20 seconds, meanwhile the Morgan player's over hear like 'one, two, three...", right, counting. The Morgan player then gets released into the map, and Morgan's job is to find the other five players, the mimics, before time is up. Now if at least one mimic survives, then the mimics win, but if Morgan finds them, then Morgan wins."

In terms of environments we'll be playing this in, "they're actually similar to the VR experience, so at the moment it's three maps, although there might be more, but it's very recognisable locations from the space station, like Morgan's office, the apartment area, part of the lobby."

We also asked whether the multiplayer mode would be playable in VR, to which Bare said:

"Yes, actually it is. If the mimics and Morgan have VR headsets, then you can play it that way, and that's been super fun. One of the more signature elements from Prey are the mimics, and people are always talking about how the jumpscares... and so, when a player is driving the mimic and you're wearing a VR headset, it's like 10 times scarier."

Which mode are you looking forward to most?