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Sony celebrates 500 million consoles sold...

...with the introduction of a dark blue translucent PS4 Pro.

Sony entered the home console market in 1994, and has since then produced both home consoles and portable ones. These models amount to quite the number of sold units, and recently they reached an important milestone, something they think should be celebrated.

With a post on the official PlayStation Blog that they are commemorating reaching 500 million systems solid, or 525.3 million to be exact, by releasing a limited translucent version of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

This model comes with a special copper plate displaying its serial number, as only a limited amount will be produced (according to the plate that number is 50,000). It comes with a 2TB harddrive, as well as a PlayStation Camera. This limited bundle will cost €499/$499 from August 24. There are also limited edition DualShock 4 controllers (August 24) and Gold Wireless Headsets (October 11) coming to market.