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Riot responds to Kotaku article on sexism

The company doesn't refute the claims but offers a strong stance against discrimination and toxicity.

A recent article on Kotaku (as we reported on earlier this week) painted a bleak picture of the company culture at League of Legends powerhouse Riot Games, and now the company has offered an official response:

"We strive to cultivate a unique culture that positions us to best deliver amazing player experiences: one where we obsessively focus on players; one where every Rioter has equal opportunity to be heard, grow their role, advance in the organization, and fulfill their potential; and one where open feedback helps us all get better,"

"Talking over women in meetings, promoting/hiring anyone less deserving than anyone else, and crossing the line from assertive to aggressive are three examples of actions that are explicitly opposite to our culture. To say that these actions are emblematic of our culture and not an affront to it would be wrong. We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, harassment, retaliation, bullying, and general toxicity."

It's not an outright denial of the events detailed in the article, and hopefully, it's more than mere words, though to some degree the damage is already done.

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