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Gamescom's Indie Arena present 2018 line-up

Bad North, State of Mind, and The Sinking City among the games on display.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne


The Indie Arena at Gamescom is usually a busy place and it seems this year's edition is no exception. Situated in Hall 10 and part of the public portion of the show, the Indie Arena offers a plethora of games from small and very small developers from various parts of the world. A total of 77 (!) games will be part of the booth this year. Some of the highlights we spotted in the list includes Daedalic's State of Mind, Plausible Concept's Bad North, The Voxel Agents' The Gardens Between, Triband's What the Golf?, and Frogwares' The Sinking City. For a complete look at the line-up you can head over to the official website.

You can check out the trailer reel for the booth below: