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There is an R-rated cut of The Mag that we'll never see

Blood and gore washed away to suit a PG-13 audience.


Upcoming shark movie The Meg, which stars Jason Statham among others, might have loads of people getting eaten in it, but it will not be rated-R/18. There is, however, an R-rated cut of the movie somewhere, although it's one we'll never see according to director Jon Turteltaub.

"We shot or even did a lot of visual effects for gory scenes," the director told Bloody Disgusting. "We just realized there's no way we're keeping this PG-13 if we show this. It's too fun a movie to not let people who don't like blood and people who are under, say, 14 years old into the theater. I was very hesitant to cut out a lot of blood and gore. I wouldn't have if I thought it was wrecking the story but it wasn't. It still looked okay.

"The problem nowadays with those unrated DVDs is you used to have a bunch of scenes that were easy to either shoot or leave on the cutting room floor. Now to finish a scene costs millions in VFX. No one's going to be spending millions of dollars just to have a little extra bonus footage."