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Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go introduces Lucky Pokémon

You can get these from trading.

The official website for Niantic's Pokémon Go has revealed that Pokémon can now take on a new trait once they're traded, as there's a chance that they can become Lucky Pokémon during said trade, meaning they need less Stardust to power up and can therefore reach a higher CP faster than others.

Lucky Pokémon can also be detected by the Pokédex, so you can always keep track of them, and the longer a Pokémon stays inside storage the higher the chance will be of them becoming Lucky once they're traded. "Whether or not being in storage causes Pokémon to become Lucky Pokémon remains a mystery, but be sure to stay posted for more results from the professor's research," the post adds.

Gifts also include new surprises too, as trainers who send gifts will now receive XP, and said gifts also have a chance of containing Stardust too.

Will you be trading more now?

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