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Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Collector's Edition announced at Comic-Con

But only for the US at moment.


A lot of people walked away from E3 being impressed by Resident Evil 2's remake - including us, as you can see from our preview here - and although we knew it'd be released on January 25, we've just found out a Collector's Edition is coming the same day, as revealed at Comic-Con and brought to us by the PlayStation Blog.

You can pre-order this special edition at GameStop and EB Games chains in the US for $199.99 USD, which will include a 12'' Leon Kennedy statue, an artbook, extra costumes, and of course the game. Leon's statue is detailed and sees the character in his distinctive look on his first day of service at the Raccoon City Police Department, but as for the artbook (called Ben's File Artbook), it's a work of 32 pages signed by Ben Bertolucci, the freelance journalist present in the game, including events following the Raccoon City tragedy as if they were confidential.

The Collector's Edition will also include the soundtrack of the game in digital format, consisting of 25 songs, and a poster created for the inauguration of the Raccoon City Police Department, but we don't know whether European fans will be able to get their hands on this package right now.

Would you get this if you were given the chance?

Resident Evil 2

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