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Dreams beta coming "as soon as possible"

Media Molecule needs to test the game before release.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Media Molecule's Dreams was shown to press at E3 this year, and during the Los Angeles event we spoke to communications manager Abbie Heppe about the game and more specifically when we can see either the full game or any pre-release tests.

"So I mean, really for the beta we want to get it out as soon as possible," she said. "We know the community has been incredibly patient with us, and we want to make sure everything is awesome and going well, and it's going to be really interesting to see people get their hands on it and all the awesome things for us."

"And for us it's a really good opportunity to test having a game out there in the wild, a live service and all the super fun, awesome things that come with that, by which I mean a lot of work. So the reason we haven't announced a date is because we've been working on all those things actively and it's coming."

We don't know about the date for either the beta or the full launch, but the beta will be the "last step" before launch, as Heppe explained. Are you eagerly awaiting this game?


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