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Monster Hunter: World

Capcom's market value takes a tumble

There's allegedly a "significant risk of sales decline."

Capcom has been having a dream year so far, as Monster Hunter: World is the best-selling game ever made by the company and ranks among the best-sellers of the year in Japan and in the US, even before the PC version has arrived. On top of that, Resident Evil 2 Remake was awarded the Best Game of E3 2018 at the Game Critic Awards, and even Mega Man 11 is pleasing fans so far.

But the Japanese company took a tremendous blow on Tuesday, as Merrill Lynch analysts cut Capcom's share target price from ¥2,800 to ¥2,300 and investors reacted by selling abruptly. The stock value plummeted almost 11.3% in the following hours, dropping to ¥2,426 at the start of Thursday, although luckily for the company, the stock trading value went flat on Wednesday.

Merrill Lynch's analyst stated that there is a "significant risk of sales decline" for Monster Hunter: World. Capcom isn't the only Japanese gaming company suffering in the Tokyo Stock Market either, as Nintendo lost six points after the Nintendo Direct E3 conference and kept falling through the rest of June.

What do you make of Capcom's position right now?

Monster Hunter: World