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Soul Calibur VI

Geralt of Rivia "fits right in" to Soul Calibur VI

We talked with producer Motohiro Okubo at E3.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Soul Calibur series will be returning when number VI heads our way, and at E3 we talked to producer Motohiro Okubo about the game, especially regarding the addition of Geralt from The Witcher franchise, and how that came about.

"I think in Soul Calibur the fans have come to expect a guest character as kind of a legacy of the franchise, so in Soul Calibur VI we really went to great lengths to create this very immersive world and setting, so when we were looking for a guest character we wanted a character who, when we dropped into the world, would just fit right in, and of all the characters Geralt stood out and we approached CD Projekt and they were very supportive of it," he said.

"There's been a very positive response, and it's been an interesting working relationship with CD Projekt. They've been very supportive of this venture, but they're very particular about how they want the character expressed, which is a good thing - for example, how the character is standing, or how the shoulder's positioned or the elbow."

"There were a lot of feedback cycles that went into making sure that was in line with the character, and we went to even greater lengths to really nail the character. We brought the mocap actor to our studio in Japan and recorded him for the motion of Geralt, so I think if you've played The Witcher and you're playing this game, you're really going to see Geralt come alive in Soul Calibur VI."

Do you think that Geralt will be your fighter of choice in Soul Calibur VI?

Soul Calibur VI

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